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What Makes Us Different?

Unlike the majority of other Amazon agencies, we have actually hand built, from scratch, best selling Amazon FBA businesses in multiple countries. Take a look at KG Physio for example.

We have built amazing brands all over the world using the Amazon FBA model. Having sold our final one for over 7 figures, we have been in your shoes and are now with you every step of the way. Shipping problems? Us too. Products delisted? Been there solved that. Cash flow problems? Many times. Hit a sticking point and can’t push through? We can help to explode growth and scale your brand.

At KG Commerce, we have felt the pains of checking daily sales and having no new sales come in for hours. Whether you want full Amazon account management or high level Amazon consultancy, then you’ve come to the right place. When you choose to work with us, we treat your business like our business and can even help you prepare for a successful exit.

The Process

What To Expect

Audit Audit

This is the first and most crucial part of the consulting package. Here we deep dive into every facet of your brand, from listing quality, keyword analysis all the way through to supply chain and product quality.

Analyse Analyse

After our Amazon agency perform an extensive audit, we produce a SWOT analysis of your brand. Together, according to your goals, we put in place the strategy.

Implement Implement

Now we get to the nitty gritty and put our strategy in action. Continuously monitoring and tweaking until we get the desired results. And when we do, we set new goals and go again.

What To Expect

By The Numbers

Revenue Increase

Conversion Rate Increase

Business Value Increase

Case Study

KG Physio


Market Places




Ranked Seller

in Multiple Countries in sports and outdoor


Yearly Sales


Reviews Gained Globally


Figure Exit

KG Commerce KG Physio
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Amazon consultancy

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