How We Work



Month - 1

The first step is to to do a full 37 point audit of your brand Here is just a snippet of topics we cover in our full brand audit will include:

Keyword analysis, ppc acos, Product listing quality, PPC Review, Overall product scoring, Product pricing, Cost of good sold review, Supply chain review, competitor analysis, fulfilment method, Reviews, Stock forecast analysis, Brand registry, SWOT Analysis.

Once we have completed our full auditing process, we will develop a SWOT Analysis. This is an ongoing process which will be continuously monitored. We will first look to reduce and eliminate the brands weaknesses and create some awesome opportunities to improve profits and scale the brand.


From month 1 - ongoing

Implementation - Phase 1

3-12 months

Now we have a full picture of your brand we are ready to implement our plans and go full growth mode. Our tactics for growth can be subtle or aggressive, it will depend on the clients goals, ambition and most importantly budget.

Phase 2 is for the clients that are chasing big goals and big dreams. We will set out 12 and 24 month plans to hit big targets, we can also look at shaping the company up for exit, of which we have personal experience in.

Implementation - Phase 2

12 months +

How Do We Stay In Touch?

Ongoing Email support
Video Call every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks depending on the brand size/task/package
No fluff data reports – We send you monthly reports on things that move the needle!